Tour Suku Anak Dalam and Minagkabau land mixed

DAY 1:

Europe to Jakarta with Qatar Airways via Doha
DAY 2:Arrive in Jakarta and we go by car to Jl Jaksa where we will register at a homestay;will spend the evening in the surroundings of Jl Jaksa

Jakarta Skyline

Jakarta Skyline

DAY 3:
Soon in the morning we departure from Jakarta to Padang,capital of West Sumatra with a local airline like Garuda Indonesia
or Mandala Airlines or Lion Air

Llegamos a Padang

Arrival at Padang

Arrive in Padang and met our driver and guide who will bring us through a winding road surrounded by jungle and pass the Bung Hatta park to the twin lakes where we will stop for a rest and enjoy the breathtaking views of the lakessurrounded all by tea and cinnamon plantations;after a break we will continue into Surian where we will get lunch at a local restaurant and try the delicious Padang food;

Twin Lakes,Solok Selatan

Twin Lakes,Solok Selatan

we will stop to see also Istano Rajo Balung,an old Minangkabau palace and visit it if the owner is there.

Then will continue into Muara Labuh and til Kajo Aro;after 7 hours drive we will arrive at the hamlet of Kersik Tuo at the foot of Kerinci volcanoe,the tallest of Indonesia with 4000 meters high
We will register at a homestay and get time to see the surroundings before go to dinner and sleep;here is advised to use thick dress as is quite coll at night as we are in the highlands of Bukit Barisan Mountains at 1300 meters
We are surrounded all by tea and cinammon plantations with the volcanoe on the back and full of jungle;something unique

Gunung Tujuh Lake

DAY 4:
After breakfast we will departure at around 5 am to nearby hamlet of Pelompek where we will start our 5 hours ascent to the lake Gunung Tujuh,the highest freshwater lake in all Southeast Asia;we will pass trough deep rainforest and will observe many species of plants and animals;here is the habitat of Sumatran tiger as well as the older ones of the area tell the area where Orang Pendek is;a mythology being halve human halve simioAfter we arrive to the lake we stay for a while enjoying the stunningly beautiful lake and surrounding jungle;is like an Eden on earth this area

 Gunung Tujuh Lake
Then camp and cook some noodles and some coffe
After that we go down again to Pelompek,see a nearby waterfall and drive to Sungai Penuh to register at a local hotel;spend the evening there,dinner and go to sleep

Kajo Aro

Kajo Aro

Cinammon Plantations

Cinammon Plantations

Tea plantations

Tea plantations

Kajo Aro jungles
Kajo Aro jungles
Danau Gunung Tuju

Danau Gunung Tuju

DAY 5:
Breakfast and then start the 7 hours drive until Bangko;lunch enroute;we will pass incredible places of deep jungle on the road
We arrive in Bangko and will spend the night at a local hotel

Kerinci Seblat

Kerinci Seblat

DAY 6:
Soon after short breakfast we drive 2 hours to the main entrance to Bukit Duabelas where we will meet our guides;then walk into the jungle until the anak dalam hamlet;we spend the rest of the day with them and will sleep in tendas
(We must use profilaxis for malaria for this area,malarone do well,we should started to took it 3 days before and keep taking until we leave and til few days after,as almost everybody I know came to Bukit 12 and did not took it got malaria)
DAY 7:
We spend the day with the anak dalam watching them hunting,fishing,watching their daily life

Never photograph them without ask for permission first and specially the houses they do not want to be photographed;ask always permission to do so

Breakfast,lunch and dinner at the camp site
Sleep in tenda

Bukit Duabelas Suku Anak Dalam tribes

Bukit Duabelas Suku Anak Dalam tribes

DAY 8:
After some breakfast walk back to the park entrance to met our driver and drive back to West Sumatra via the transumatran highway enroute to Dharmasraya;we will lunch on the road
Pass through Sijunjung and go to Sawahlunto,an old mining town with a train museum and a mining museum
We will overnight here
We are surrounded by mountains

SawahluntoCiudad minera

Ciudad minera

DAY 9:
Breakfast and drive to Nagari Pariangan through a winding road that leads to the
top of Merapi volcano crater all surrounded by rice field terraces,a really beautiful place,a paradise
Before arriving to the gate to go up to the volcano,we will turn to a small alley leading to Pariangan,the heart of the Minangkabau people,the center where the first settlements of Minang people first stayed before expanding into the west coast and to Bukittinggi and all surrounding areas;we can be eyewitness of the Minangkabau traditions still alife here and full of Minang Rumah gadang houses
If we can sleep in one of these houses we spend the rest of day here and sleep here.
Breakfast soon and spend the day around Batusangkar and Puncak paro exploring many Minangkabau hamlets in the area;sleep again at a Rumah gadang in Pariangan again
We will see also big stones with sanscrit inscriptions dated from Pagaruyung Hindu-Buddhist kingdom

DAY 10
Back to Padang after breakfast
and spend the day around the city of Padang;visit sity nurbaya bridge and see the sun down at Teluk bayur,the port of Padang
Sleep at a local family home

DAY 11
Back in the morning to Jakarta and spend the day around Glodok(Chinatown) visiting several Buddhist temples and visit Kota,old Batavia from the Dutch
Sleep at Jl Jaksa homestay

DAY 12
Back to europe


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